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$500 Donation

  Provides all the devices needed for a Deaf person to live independently at home, including flashing and vibrating alarms.

Pays for 5 children to participate in Look Who's Talking playgroup led by one of our Speech Language Pathologists, using Hanen Language principles.

$250 Donation


 Funds 2 community events designed to provide needed information and education to Deaf consumers.

Pays for the repair of a damaged hearing aid for a senior citizen.

$100 Donation

  Provides 2 low-income clients palatal impressions for a Smart Palate biofeedback device that can be used to help individuals see tongue placement for correct production of speech sounds.

Allows an individual to attend an 8 week sign language class for free.

Buys hearing aid batteries for 2 years for someone with binaural hearing aids.

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