Milestone Fundraising for Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center

When we reach a milestones in our lives, a wedding, the birth of a child, a graduation, the loss of a loved one...these are moments that often cause us to reflect on our lives and our legacies.  They are times when many people are inspired to give back.  If you find yourself motivated to support positive change in our community, take a moment to create a fundraiser and encourage friends and family and colleagues to support you.

Your generosity means the world to us!


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Received of $40,000.00

4 Personal Fundraisers

If just 15 people donate $10 each, I'll hit my goal! Here’s why I’m participating in #GivingTuesday with Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center: Chelsea and Jacob Lynn were thrilled when they found out that they were expecting their fourth child. After Paislee was born, the whole family was thrilled. As Chelsea says, “we were over the moon!” Soon after Paislee’s birth, the Lynns learned that she had failed her newborn hearing screening. After a second hearing screening that lasted several hours, Chelsea and Jacob were told Paislee couldn’t hear. Shocked and concerned, not knowing where to turn, they reached out to family and friends for support and advice. A friend recommended the Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center. They spent the next several weeks preparing for what was to come. Eventually, Paislee underwent more testing and had tubes put into her ears, then doctors confirmed she had moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears. She was fitted for hearing aids soon after. As the Lynn family adapts to a new way of life and new ways of communicating, Chelsea describes their experience with CHSC specialist Madelyn Bond, “This last year has been a whirlwind. I can honestly say that we would not be where we are today, working together as a family to communicate with Paislee and each other, without the help of Madelyn and the CHSC program. She has been so kind and patient, giving us the courage to navigate uncharted territory and making sure we are well-prepared for the challenges we will face. We are so grateful for CHSC and the services and resources that they provide.” The money I raise on #GivingTuesday helps people just like Paislee connect through communication. Your gift will mean the difference between a good result and greatness. Please help me reach my personal fundraising goal by making a donation now. Every dollar that I raise will help CHSC continue providing its services to their clients.

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I started taking my dad, Paul Roman, to the Speak Easy program earlier this year and he loves it! Every Monday, he gets to go and practice speaking with others in a similar situation. Since his stroke, five years ago, his ability to speak well has been the most difficult for him to deal with. By practicing his speaking in a safe environment, and also with the additional help of Dwyer and his music therapy after the Speak Easy program, I have seen a noticeable improvement in my dad. He now speaks in full sentences and we can have real conversations. What a blessing this program is – both to the attendees and to the families who love them. Thank you!

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