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Whether coming to us for hearing aids, speech therapy, or Deaf services, our clients arrive at our center during some of the most challenging points in their lives. Client’s like Sabrina whose world changed when she suffered a stroke at the age of 50. She awoke from a coma terrified that she couldn’t move or speak. Although Sabrina was able to regain movement through hospital rehabilitation, there was little progress with her verbal communication. Searching for alternatives, Sabrina came to find what others in her situation eventually discover: there were no known programs in Northeast Ohio available for adults with acquired communication disorders. Whether the result of stroke, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, Aphasia, dementia or other degenerative neurological conditions, adults struggling to communicate with friends, family, even physicians and other professionals, were desperate for help but with nowhere to turn.

To solve this problem, Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center (CHSC) developed the Northeast Ohio Adults Communicating Together (NEO-ACT) program. Designed to improve quality of life for individuals with communication difficulties through activities focused on comprehension, speaking, reading, writing, and socialization, NEO-ACT allows people like Sabrina to participate in a supportive, friendly environment – and have contributed greatly to Sabrina’s recovery over the last few years.

When asked how she feels about CHSC and her progress, Sabrina says, “I live in my own apartment, I got my driver’s license and I hope to write a book someday. Before coming to CHSC, I couldn’t say that. Literally.”

As a nonprofit with a legacy of nearly 100 years, the mission of Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center is to create a community where everyone communicates effectively. NEO-ACT depends on funding from the community to ensure life-changing results. Your gift makes a difference in the lives of people like Sabrina.

Right now, your donation to CHSC will be doubled by a generous sponsor who will match all contributions up to $20,000! By having your gift matched dollar for dollar, you double the impact for thousands of adults with communication needs in Northeast Ohio through the NEO-ACT program.

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