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Cleveland Big Wheel Relay 2020

Like any new mother, Elizabeth Picklo was excited about the upcoming birth of her son. She had lots of hopes and dreams for him - all the typical thoughts and plans: watching him play and grow, go off to school, make friends, start driving and dating, etc. And, CJ was born two months early, Elizabeth still felt happy and confident when he was released from NICU after only three weeks. Once at home, she settled into her role as a new mother with CJ.

However, over time, Elizabeth began to notice that CJ wasn’t reaching various communication milestones – he wasn’t speaking at all. CJ’s pediatrician recommended hospital-based evaluation and therapy, but with a wait list of over a year, she felt they would lose crucial development time for CJ.

That’s when Elizabeth discovered CHSC through an online search and the family was thrilled to find out they could get an appointment within weeks.

After CJ’s evaluation, he began working with a CHSC Speech Language Pathologist. He has and continues to build vocabulary and makes tremendous progress.

CJ is now 5 years old and is working hard to prepare for Kindergarten. Elizabeth knows he’ll be ready when the time comes. She says, “We wouldn’t be where we are today with CJ’s progress if it weren’t for CHSC. They have not only given him the skills he needs to succeed – they have given me back my hopes and dreams for him.”

When you donate to Cleveland Big Wheel Relay, you’re literally changing lives for the better. We know that early intervention is key for children of all backgrounds and that’s why we exist. Your donation does more than just help, it is transformative in the lives of the families we serve.

Please consider making a donation today – because the people we serve can’t wait for tomorrow.

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